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Image by Ernests Vaga



Frederick Barcelo

Culture Bearer and Translator

Bugkalot [ILK]


Nick Bringas

School Head

Itneg [ITI]


Maria Dolores Dican

Community Member

Ibatan [IVB]



Maria Kristina S. Gallego

Department of Linguistics, University of the Philippines Diliman


Rodessa Galao


Ibaloy [IBL]


What can linguists learn from language users in documenting a language? The experiences of northern Philippine language communities

Recent developments in the field of linguistics push for close collaboration between the linguist and the community in such works as language documentation and revitalization, where community members are taking the lead in the projects.

The discussion will be led by Dr. Kristina Gallego, Chair of UP Diliman Department of Linguistics.

This panel discussion also features language users from selected communities in northern Philippines, who will share their insights and experiences from working with linguists in documenting and describing their own languages:

  • Frederick Barcelo, culture bearer and translator, Bugkalot [ILK]

  • Nick Bringas, school head, Itneg [ITI]

  • Maria Dolores Dican, community member, Ibatan [IVB]

  • Rodessa Galao, translator, Ibaloy [IBL]

The discussion will revolve around how they have come to do language work in their respective communities, what they have learned from their experiences, what sorts of methods worked for them and their contexts and what did not, and their future plans for the documentation and description of their languages. From the discussion, linguists are encouraged to reflect on the impact of doing fieldwork in communities, how they can refine their methods and practices in language documentation, and how to move towards a community-centered approach for linguistic work.



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