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The Linguistic Society of the Philippines has, over the years, published festschrifts, volumes, monographs, conference proceedings, and a periodical.



The Philippine Journal of Linguistics (PJL), the official scholarly journal of the Linguistic Society of the Philippines, is an international peer-reviewed journal of research in linguistics. Published once a year in December, it aims to serve as a forum for original studies in descriptive, comparative, historical, and areal linguistics.


  • Parangal kay Cecilio Lopez: Essays in Honor of Cecilio Lopez on His Seventy-fifth Birthday (1973)

  • Language Planning and the Building of a National Language: Essays in Honor of Santiago A. Fonacier on his 92nd Birthday (1977)

  • Linguistics across Continents: In Honor of Richard S. Pittman (1981)

  • Panagani: Essays in Honor of Bonifacio P. Sibayan (1984)

  • Alay sa Wika: Essays in Honor of Fe T. Otanes on Her 67th Birthday (1996)

  • Pagtanaw: Essays on Language in Honor of Teodoro A. Llamzon (1998)

  • The Filipino Bilingual: A Multidisciplinary Perspective. Festschrift in Honor of Emy M. Pascasio (2000)

  • Parangal Cang Brother Andrew, Festschrift for Andrew Gonzalez on His Sixtieth Birthday (2000)

  • Linguistics and Language Education in the Philippines and Beyond. Festschrift in Honor of Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista (2005)

  • Current Issues in Philippine Linguistics and Anthropology: A Festschrift in Honor of Lawrence A. Reid (2006).



  • Acquiring Filipino as a First Language: Two Case Studies in 1984 by Andrew B. Gonzalez, F.S.C.

  • Emma Bernabe’s Language Policy Formulation, Programming, Implementation and Evaluation in Philippine Education (1565 – 1974) in 1988

  • Evaluating Bilingual Education in the Philippines (1974-1985) in 1988 by Bonifacio P. Sibayan and Andrew B. Gonzalez, F.S.C.

  • A Frequency Count of Filipino by Curtis McFarland in 1991

  • The Proceedings of the 1992 Asia International Lexicography

  • Jeff Taschner’s Text and Tasks 1995

  • Osamu Ikari’s Adaptation in Japanese Today and Tomorrow in 1995

  • The Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Vol. II Linguistics in 1996

  • Readings in Philippine Linguistics, 2nd Edition edited by Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista in 1996.

  • Selected Papers in Applied Linguistics: Focus on Second Language Learning/Teaching  edited by Emma Castillo in 1998,

  • The Intellectualization of Filipino in 1999 by Bonifacio P. Sibayan

  • The Language Provision of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines in 2001 by Andrew B. Gonzalez, F.S.C. and Wilfrido V. Villacorta.


LSP’s publications like the monograph series published between 1969-1989 are found in Bautista’s (1989) article “The Linguistic Society of the Philippines 1969-1989”, while those released in 1990-2000 are listed in Pascasio (2000). Both are published in the 1989 and 2000 issues of PJL, respectively. LSP’s publications from 2006 onwards were limited to the single volume of PJL released annually.

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