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LSP opens 2017 LSP-NCGM registration

The potent source of literacy emanates not only from learner’s meaningful experiences in a formal language instruction, but also from the ‘world’ where the ‘words’ are contextualized for better understanding. Nurturing literacy and learning a language could be more responsive when classroom practitioners are equip with helpful information through language research. In response to learner’s challenges of encoding, decoding, and reproducing a language, an ingrained passion for language research aids effective instruction in an ever complex and diverse language classroom and beyond. Language literacy and learning could be within the grasp through research as they transform lives.

Next year, the Linguistic Society of the Philippines (LSP) takes you to Far Eastern University in Manila for the 2016 LSP-NCGM with the theme "Nurturing literacy and learning through language research".

Those who want to register click here:

For those who plan to submit their paper, click here:


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