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Amid the continuing challenges and uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Linguistic Society of the Philippines continues to strive for one of its primary goals — to advance our knowledge and deepen our understanding of linguistics and its entanglements, particularly in the context of the Philippines. With this aim, we are proud and excited to launch three (3) virtual talk series (VTS):

The Researches, Insights, & Perspectives on the Philippine Linguistics Enterprise Series

This series features current linguistic investigations on Philippine languages and dialects, including but not limited to grammatical description & analysis, diachronic studies, dialectology, & linguistic typology.

The Virtual Talks on Applied Linguistics Series

This series highlights the significance of interdisciplinary research in dealing with language issues of the real world. It also emphasizes the importance of languages and linguistics in responding to challenges of the contemporary society.

The Thesis Sharing Session Online Series

This series provides a venue for LSP members to share their theses’ novel findings to the public, as well as their experiences doing fieldwork/data-gathering. It is also open to ABTs/ABDs who are currently in thesis writing stage, to share their preliminary findings or thesis proposals and solicit comments and critiques that could help improve their work.

Starting August 2021, the LSP have held three new VTS via Zoom on a regular basis for FREE. Participants are also given a certificate of attendance but pre-registration and/or filling-out of an evaluation form may be required in some of the events.

We are currently soliciting recommendations for the next speaker(s) and topic(s) in these new and exciting virtual talk series. If you have anyone or any topic in mind, kindly fill-out the survey form below.

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