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BITALAAN+ : Philippine Languages Under the Spotlight

In celebration of our country’s linguistic diversity, the Linguistic Society of the Philippines (LSP) has teamed up with the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) Philippines to create posters that inform the public about our indigenous Philippine languages. This collaborative project aims to spark interest and inspiration for more research on Philippine languages or drum up support for speech communities in their language development effort(s) especially those that are in danger of disappearing.

The project will be releasing digital poster albums of Philippine microgroups* weekly, starting this Wednesday, September 1. Each album contains a general poster providing a brief description of the microgroup (including some interesting features) and separate posters for each language classified under it. Posters specific to a language contains snippets of information culled from the Ethnologue (Eberhard, Simons, and Fennig, 2021) that include alternate names, location, user population, language vitality status among others.

* A microgroup is a group of languages believed to be closely related to each other by their exclusively shared linguistic features.

The BITALAAN+ Project Team Project Leader: Ryn Jean Fe Gonzales Project Advisers: Jill Choa, Aldrin Lee Graphic Designer: Ryan Roberto Project Associate: Mico Macaraeg



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