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Leveling up: LSP launches version 2 of Membership Tracking System (MTS)

The Linguistic Society of the Philippines is going techie before 2015 ends. Anchored on her mission of giving her ever-loyal members quality service, LSP launches version 2 of the Membership Tracking System (MTS) after the success of the beta version.

Members using MTS may access personal information as well as membership information just by typing their surname or given name in the search bar. MTS also allows current and aspiring members to contact the membership team to correct or add personal information such as their names or e-mail addresses. Aspiring members may also check the status of their membership application within 24 hours.

An LSP member expressed his excitement over the new system, claiming that it was "a step towards the bright future of LSP."

"I find it quite user-friendly and convenient to use," another LSP member mentioned in an interview, after trying version 2. "The system shows great potential," she later added.

The MTS can be accessed by clicking the MTS button inside the Join Now tab or here. The LSP web team would like LSP members to give feedback and suggestions for system improvement and possible version 3.


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