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LSPIC 2019 a success

The first ever Linguistic Society of the Philippines International Conference (LSPIC2019) has just concluded. It was celebrated as part of the 50th anniversary of Linguistic Society of the Philippines and was held from ​March 7-9, 2019 at the De La Salle University of the Philippines. There were 180 paper presentations and 33 poster presentations.

The plenary speakers included Edgar Schneider, Ee Low, David Gil, and Marilu Madrunio. Conference workshops were conducted by Andrew Moody, Loy Lising, Jong-bok Kim, Aiden Yeh, Aurelio Vilbar, and Jesus Federico C. Hernandez. A special plenary panel was also created with Anne Pakir, Jong-bok Kim, Andrew Moody and Shirley Dita.

This year, there were six themed panels held by the following universities. Ateneo de Manila University (English), De La Salle University (English and Applied Linguistics), Philippine Normal University, University of Santo Tomas (English), and the University of the Philippines Diliman (Linguistics, English Language). The details are in the LSPIC 2019 Book of Abstracts online.

LSP conferences provide venues for linguists, language researchers, scholars, practitioners, teachers, and students to share and discuss issues and themes pertinent to linguistics and language education. Presentations usually revolve around current research on Philippine languages, hyphenated fields in linguistics, and English language teaching in the Philippines and in the region.

The aim of this year’s conference is to highlight how research in Philippine linguistics over the years have grown, expanded, and evolved.


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