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 The Bonifacio P. Sibayan Distinguished 
 Professorial Chair in Applied Linguistics 



  • To honor a man/woman who became an illustrious teacher, writer, scholar, school administrator and above all a staunch advocate of excellence by the Filipino to serve as a living model for our youth to emulate



Current Professorial Chair Lecture


Dr. Analiza Liezl Perez-Amurao

Mahidol University International College

Professorial Chair Holder 2020

"They are 'Asians just like us': Filipino teachers, colonial aesthetics and English language education in Thailand"

Date: August 21, Friday (2PM)

Venue: Zoom (via link)


Filipino teachers have become the largest group of foreign teachers in Thailand as English language education gains increasing importance in the Kingdom. Their migratory experience, however, demonstrates that schools favor white native English speakers over them. Differential treatments of Filipino and white NES teachers in Thai schools are manifested overtly in the form of pay gap and in more subtle micropolitics of bodily managements. By examining a postcolonial view and the notion of English language teaching as aesthetic labor, this study puts forward the following: (1) Filipino teachers are generally found to experience overt discrimination in the workplace where their race and the variant of English language they produce place them as second–class foreign teachers compared to white native English speakers from Western countries, (2) Filipino teachers are expected to embody warm and caring personalities and present well–kept and beautiful bodies while their male native English speaker counterparts are exempted from the feminization of the teaching profession, (3) Thai schools construct themselves as venues where everyone—administrators, staff, students, and even parents—can experience the West through their literal physical proximity with western teachers, and (4) the identification of the main causes behind the inequitable occupational protocols in the employment practices of said Thai schools can help address the need to diminish, if not eliminate, the observed polarities between NES and NNES teachers. 


Keywords: Filipino educators, post-colonial approach, Thailand, English language education, aesthetic labor

Past Professorial Chair Lectures


Dr. Melchor Artago Coronel Tatlonghari

Professorial Chair Holder 2017

Minimizing "Otherization" Practices in the Language Classroom

         Maria Antoinette C. Montealegre , D. A.

         Professorial Chair Holder 2016

          “Language and Literature Teachers in the 21st Century Conversation:

          Inputs to  Designing a 21st Century Skills-Based Language and

           Literature Teacher Education Program”


Nilda R. Sunga

Professorial Chair Holder 2014

“Theory cum practice: A good blend in language teaching


Isabel P. Martin

Professorial Chair Holder 2013

“Is justice lost in translation: Court interpreting in the Philippines”


Gail Forey

Professorial Chair Holder 2012

“Researching language as a meaning-making resource in the offshore outsourcing industry in the Philippines”


Peter Craig Collins

Professorial Chair Holder 2011

“Developments in the verbal system of Philippine English and other world Englishes”


Nemah Hermosa

Professorial Chair Holder 2010

“Across texts and beyond content: A closer look at reading comprehension“


Diane E. Dekker

Professorial Chair Holder 2009

“MLE in the Philippines – Possible implementation strategies”


Dina S. Ocampo

Professorial Chair Holder 2008

“Literacy development among Filipino children”


Cecilia M. Mendiola

Professorial Chair Holder 2007

“Online/offline processing of idioms by ESL learners“


Dinah F. Mindo

Professorial Chair Holder 2006

“The English language proficiency program of elementary school teachers in Region III”


Lourdes G. Tayao

Professorial Chair Holder 2005

“A Postcript to teacher training” 


Clemencia C. Espiritu

Professorial Chair Holder 2004

“Edukasyong pangwika sa Filipino : Pagsulong at tunguhin” 


Ma. Luz C. Vilches

Professorial Chair Holder 2003

“Managing innovation in language education: Implications for the change agent”


Edilberta C. Bala

Professorial Chair Holder 2002

“Meeting language testing needs of teachers”


Andrew Gonzalez, FSC

Professorial Chair Holder 2001

“Language projects at DECS: Some insights through linguistic eyes“


Ricardo Ma. Nolasco

Professorial Chair Holder 2000

“Transitivity and ergativity in a Philippine language”


Allan Bernardo

Professorial Chair Holder 1999


Ma. Clara V. Ravina

Professorial Chair Holder 1998

“Error analysis and interlanguage revisited“


Br. Andrew Gonzalez, FSC

Professorial Chair Holder 1997

“The politics of language: Ethnicity and languages in the Philippines“


Teodoro A. Llamzon

Professorial Chair Holder 1996

“TESL targets in 1996“


Araceli C. Hidalgo

Professorial Chair Holder 1995

“Thoughts from the left on English language teaching”


Emy M. Pascasio

Professorial Chair Holder 1994

“Variables affecting the performance of second language learners in written English“


Fe T. Otanes

Professorial Chair Holder 1993

“Stylistics and the teaching of poetry“


Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista

Professorial Chair Holder 1992

“Classroom observation studies in a Manila university: Some lessons learned, some lessons yet to learn“


Emma S. Castillo

Professorial Chair Holder 1991

“Communication strategies in the classroom: State of the art“