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BAG Lectures

The Br Andrew Gonzalez FSC
Distinguished Professorial Chair in Linguistics & Language Education 



  • To honor an intellectual giant, a distinguished linguist, teacher, scholar, humanist, writer, administrator, a builder of persons and institutions, a man of vision and mission, a doer, a Christian brother, and a Filipino patriot


2019 Professorial Chair Lecture


Ariane Macalinga Borlongan (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Professorial Chair Holder 2019

“Rethinking Br. Andrew Gonzalez on Philippine English "


Date: March 2, 2019; 10 AM

Venue: De La Salle University, Manila


Rethinking Br. Andrew Gonzalez on Philippine English



Among the most prominent scholars who helped shape our modern understanding of the nativization of English in the Philippines is Br. Andrew Gonzalez. While he questioned the first proposal (Llamzon, 1969) of the existence of a standardized Philippine English, he propelled later systematic analyses of, and, much more, theorizing on the new English. A very important question he posed in 1982 is ‘When does an error become a feature of Philippine English?’ (indeed, a question which also concerns other new Englishes). He also made a very influential comment in 1992 that Philippine English is stylisitically homogenous, which prompted later debates on this and its further implications for the evolutionary status of the new English.


In this lecture, I shall review the important contributions of Br. Andrew Gonzalez to the study of Philippine English, but most especially the issues which he raised, and revisit his answers by providing state-of-the-art argumentation of more contemporary perspectives to his questions and responses, in particular, those who and which continued the discourses he began. Ultimately, the aim of my lecture is to provide appropriate line of inquiry and program for the future of scholarship on Philippine English, most especially one which impacts theory and practice not only of English in the Philippines and Philippine English but, more importantly, of the Englishes of the world.



Ariane Macalinga BORLONGAN earned his Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics at age 23 via a competitive accelerated program in De La Salle University (Manila, the Philippines). His dissertation entitled 'A Grammar of the Verb in Philippine English' was supervised by Professor Emeritus Ma. Lourdes Bautista and was recognized as Most Outstanding Dissertation by De La Salle University. At present, he is Lecturer in Sociolinguistics at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Japan). He was previously with De La Salle University, Tamagawa University (Tokyo, Japan), and The University of Tokyo (Japan) and also held visiting posts at the National University (Manila, the Philippines), the SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (Singapore), and The University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). He edited ‘Philippine English: Development, Structure, and Sociology of English in the Philippines’, published by Routledge in 2019 and serves as the handbook of Philippine English and a festscrhift in honor of Prof. Bautista. He is Director of the Philippine component of the International Corpus of English (ICE-PH) and is also the compiler of the Philippine parallels to the Brown and the Before-Brown corpora (Phil-Brown and PBB respectively) and co-compiler to the Malaysian parallel to the Brown Corpus (Mal-Brown). He is Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacures and Commerce (RSA). His teaching and research have focused on sociolinguistics, world Englishes, English linguistics, and historical linguistics.



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