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As part of the LSP's goals to provide quality service and support for its members, the Society accepts requests of the following nature:


  • PJL PASSWORD REQUEST: I'd like to receive the password for an issue of the Philippine Journal of Linguistics.

  • CERTIFICATION/DOCUMENT/RECEIPT REQUEST: I'd like to request a document/certificate/receipt.

  • LSP MEM. CORRECTION/UPDATE: I'd like to make some corrections/updates regarding my membership info.

  • LSP MEM. VERIFICATION: I cannot find my info in the database.

  • PAYMENT DEADLINE EXTENSION: I'd like to request an extension for payment (membership, conference, etc.)

  • OTHERS: I have a special request not mentioned above.


 Request Procedure 


  1. Fill out the General Request Form (GRF).

  2. Kindly wait for a confirmation email from the LSP Secretariat, where you will receive your request number.

  3. Visit the Request Tracking System (RTS) from time to time for updates on the status of your request.