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Special Issue: LSP@50   (February 2019)

Michael Tanangkingsing 


Evidence for Proto-Philippine nominative marking 
Lawrence A. Reid 

The focus system in Philippine languages: An historical overview 
Koleen Matsuda French 

Another look at subjecthood in Tagalog 
Paul R. Kroeger 

The Danao languages: Magindanaon, Iranun, Maranao, and Illanun 
Eric Fleischman 

The social sciences and policy making in language 
Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, Allan B. I. Bernardo, Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista, and Emy Pascasio 

Some thoughts on sociolinguistic research and language planning in the Philippines 
Bonifacio Sibayan 

The intellectualization of Filipino: Agenda for the twenty-first century 
Andrew Gonzalez, FSC 

Literacy for development in multilingual contexts: Five characteristics of sustainable programs 
Susan E. Malone and Dennis L. Malone 

Academic writing in Filipino: Aspect use in psychology theses 
Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista 

TESOL in the Philippines, 1948-1958 
Alfredo T. Morales 

Intelligibility, acceptability, target-likeness: Teacher vs. student perspectives on the teaching of pronunciation within an EIL framework 
Claudia Kunschak and Fan Fang 

Getting into the mainstream: approaches to ESL instruction for students of limited English proficiency 
Jack C. Richards and Daniel S. Hurley